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Jennifer calls a Dr. Sydney to come over

Jennifer was concerned because she was not turned on by her boyfriend any more when they have sex.  She decided to invite her doctor friend Sydney over to chat with her about it.


Dr. Sydney was more than happy to come make a house call to check on Jennifer.  She of course would start with an examination of Jennifer.  Jennifer stripped down, and Dr. Sydney got her equipment out to do the examination. 


Dr. Sydney got the speculum out and inserted ever so slowly into Jennifer pussy.  And then opened it up to do her examination of her.  As Dr. Sydney did the examination she could tell that Jennifer was getting very hot and wet. 


Dr. Sydney removed the speculum and fingered her pussy and put a finger up her ass to check on that.  Jennifer moaned in pleasure.  With that Dr. Sydney, decide to give her an oral examination, using her tongue on Jenniferís wet pussy.



It wasnít long before Jennifer had an orgasm.


Dr. Sydney concluded she was ok, but just need a woman once in a while to help her a good orgasm, and volunteered to do that for her. 
Date: 2010-11-29