Two petite lesbos Michelle and Dara fuck each other in a hotel room

This blonde chick with her brunette girlfriend make quite a naughty looking couple. Especially when they are in only their stockings and bra kneeling on the bed just before they decide to start playing with each other. The brunette canít get enough of her blonde babyís boobies and wet shaven pussy! And the thin blonde knows exactly how her dark haired lover likes her to lick from her ass down to her vagina as she bends over on her hands and knees! They lick and suck and finger each other until itís time to break out the vibrator and then itís one orgasm after another!

Date: 2011-10-12

lol. I didn't even think of the unintended cqnueosences of the picture. Thanks for reminding me why I am good on accident.I did it at an open mic to mediocre response. I've been writing a lot, so other things take preference right now, simply because I know where they fit in my set list. This I don't know if it fits yet.

Posted: 2012-06-19 14:26:54

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